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Hi! Bad Dart,  I too picked up a 300s LG at the Midwest A/G show a couple of weeks ago and I'm' lovin' mine also !!  I have refinished the stock and worked on the sledge to make it work as it should. I can hardly believe how well this thing shoots being a PCP shooter but I had a hankering for a spring-er so I tried to find a 300s as they have such a GREAT reputation.  I have tried about 6 different pellets in this thing and it will shoot anything you put in it with unbelievable accuracy!!  I even shot it at 40 yards one windless night and it shoots fantastic!!  Shooting in the basement at ten meters off a bag it will shoot one tiny hole the size of a .177 pellet!!  All I can say is these rifles are amazing !! Have fun with YOUR new toy as I sure am!!!   J.L.