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Great advice from all the above.   

The route I went a while back was a used SCBA tank (fire department breathing tank and are much lighter than SCUBA ) with about 10 years life left from the 15 years maximum allowed in the USA (albeit some of these same tanks are used for 30 years in Europe…but that's another topic).  You can pick up SCBA tanks up on Ebay and at times on airgun forums.  They have to inspected periodically and hydro tested, but that's only about $20-30 every few years.  

Then I purchased one of the early Shoebox compressors back in 2012.  Their latest version was on sale recently for $499, probably due to the increasing competition in this market.  You will also need a shop air compressor ($50-100) as the first stage.  Short of spending over $1,000, other options are the Altaros compressor from Europe or the Chinese ones on Ebay (reliability? parts?), or wait for a used one at an airgun forum.

One thing to be careful with parts/fittings. Many of the Ebay and Amazon HPA parts are not rated for high pressure air.  Most are made in China and they are not a marked or they falsify the markings.  It's not worth to save $20 on a $30 fitting (that you will use for years and years) and end up losing you finger or arm or eye. 

Here is a U.S. company I purchased from in the past HPA fittings: