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Fair question, critta. I should have mentioned that I use a tilt technology range-finder. Therefore. the distance I am using against my Chairgun range card is always the horizontal distance, not the true distance, which changes as a function of the terrain inclination/declination. Good idea, though. It's interesting that you brought up this point. The reason I now use a tilt technology range-finder is precisely because I was having POI issues vis-a-vis my Chairgun numbers. I didn't notice the tilt issue until I got out in the field, because I was ranging at a formal range, which was a level field. It wasn't until I did some research that I discovered that the numbers on a range card are based on the horizontal distance. If you are not using a tilt technology range-finder, you must do an extra calculation to account for the elevation variations in the terrain. Thank you for your reply :-). That would have been a simple fix if I was using a range-finder that returned only the true distance. (In fact, "true distance" should be considered a deceptive advertising term with regard to range-finders, because it sounds like a good thing, when actually it is a bad thing if the range-finder is used for hunting.