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I got that FX .30 cal gun sitting here…afraid to open it because so awesome. I notice African Air Arms hunter guy has alot of videos where he goes to big farms and takes out pests for the farmers. I'm going to try that. I have 3-4 videos waiting to be edited…much better vids with EVERY fact and stat you could want. I'm going to make sure my videos are all up to par now. No messing around.

Check out this pic: 

your looking at an unopened Hatsan Flash .177, Career 707, Drozd Blackbird Modded out, Hamerlli 850, Kral Armour, ASG Tack 45, Beeman QB97, Diana Chaser Rifle and Pistol (both!), and the FX Boss .30 cal FT…not to mention my Red Wolf waiting for a stock. So many guns, so little time. 

I have really been struggling since I was told not to shoot at my house, I tried driving to the range 1 hour away but that just killed me. Plus it took all day to get 1 hour of footage. So I'm slim on videos this month. But I'm going to try and move so the Airgun Channel is about to blow up! Tons of awesome content coming your way. I even have a chronograph now! 

Thanks for watching! -Nate

P.S. I nailed a rat in the head with this a couple nights ago.

With this Ataman AP16 .22 cal: