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Actually it has a decent gauge cable that is only 4 ft. long so i'm about as close to the breaker as I can get.  I looked at the circuit breaker in the compressor and it is only a 13 amp breaker and it is mounted touching the side of the motor.  Since it is a current overload protection device, getting heat from the motor may be causing it to fail prematurely but it worked fine all last year.  I will relocate the circuit breaker to gain an inch or so separation from the motor.  If that doesn't work, I think I am going to bump it to a 15 amp breaker.  I know that is not recommended but if the motor is useless to me now then frying it will only motivate me to quit monkeying around with it and get a new compressor since I can't find a replacement motor.  It appears that the motor housing was removed and the stator and rotor were installed without a housing.  Odd!  Knowing that these current overload breakers work off of heat, I may try to set a couple of large fans blowing at the back of it to see if this helps at all too.

Thanks for the recommendations everyone.  I will let you know how it goes.  If you see a small plume of smoke coming from the Upstate of SC, you will know I went with the bigger breaker.  ;)