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Thanks for all the thoughts on this.  I bought a BSA FFP 4×14 and got it today and wow, not a keeper.  I know it's not anything compared with a $1000 scope but I wasn't expecting what I got.  It may just be my eyes (I wear contacts) but anything under about 20 yards was either a blurry reticle or blurry target, I could not get a clear picture of both target and reticle to save my life.  I put my UTG scope on (which cost a little less than the BSA) and didn't have any issues at all from 10 to 50 yards getting a clear picture.  Also the UTG seemed brighter and clearer at all distances.  Last issue I was surprised at was the BSA gave me a very clear view of my own eyeball if I shifted even just a little bit.  Before anybody tells me 'thats what you get with a cheap scope'  my UTG hasn't given me any of those issues.  Did I get a bad scope or am I just doing something severely wrong with this FFP?