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Good advice here from the other posters.

I had to call several paintball and Dive shops, and I spent several days doing the research before I found a local Dive Shop that "had a compressor that was powerful enough to fill to 4500 PSI."  So, make sure you find that source for air before you buy any fill tank as was previously mentioned.  

FWIW – I purchased a CF Omega 74 cu foot tank from AoA for about $550 approximate and I get about 40-45 fills with my DS Regal XL .22 cal PCP assuming I fill from 120 BAR to 220 BAR.  I cannot justify buying a compressor for just one PCP, but I agree that I would prefer to spend more time shooting than pumping.  Especially true if you know you might end up buying one or more PCPs, then it becomes easier to justify a CF tank purchase — for me anyway.  

Takes less than 30 seconds to fill the gun each time it is needed, and the tank is 24" in length and weighs about 12-15 lbs — so storing is not an issue.