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I have several air rifles currently stored in hard and soft cases around the house and it's a little cumbersome.  I'm considering a lower priced Cannon 24 gun safe- but web searches show most all fires result in total loss of contents. I need to better secure the rifles  – so would a cheaper metal gun cabinet and spending the savings on extra insurance be a better option. Or, should I save for one on the exotic thousand pound bank vault types.   Maybe even a lockable rack would do the job.  I'm a little confused  – I don't need a safe for bragging rights just for safety and security.  I'm asking  because I usually get stuff like this wrong on the first try.

It is not a good idea to store any type of firearm in guncases with foam padding for long periods. The foam retains moisture and will eventually rust your guns. Safe is the way to go. Just remember, whatever number of long guns they claim the safe can hold, cut that number in half.