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Cahil, thanks for the clarification.

Yes, I did neglect to mention to the OP that you have to estimate and 'half size' the stated quantity of guns it will hold, if you do include scopes.  I learned that as well, but your point is well taken.   So, while I do not know the exact number, I was told to plan for approximately 12 guns with scopes for a gun safe that claims to hold 24 guns in total. 

OP – You can look at some gun safe YouTubes as well to do some research, but personally I want to physically go to a brick and mortar store so I can eye-ball the safe visually before I purchase one of these.  I can make too many assumptions by just shopping online and then end up being disappointed when it arrives.  Also, I like the idea of having a local Liberty ( or other manufacturer ) gun safe retailer within driving distance if I have issues.

I would be curious to know what you end up buying.