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I have a total of three Stack-on cabinets.  One of them is a double door with shelves on one side and long guns on the other side.  I keep powder burners in one big cabinet, the double shelves are used for ammo and the other side is used for about 4-5 guns that will not be shot. The last big cabinet has my Airguns in it.  There is only 3 total guns that don’t stay locked in the cabinet.  Got a shotgun and pistol in hidden compartments that can be accessed by my wife or adult daughter and a pcp pistol inside the closet for snake duty.  Everything is insured with pic and descriptions of serial numbers.  This is kept on a thumb drive and a printed copy is kept at my parents in their safe.  Do inventory every 6 months to add and remove guns if need be.  I want a big safe but with the floors in a old house, I’m scared they will not hold it.  My cabinets are bolted to the floor, wall, and together.  Only keys for all three are kept in my pocket.