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The last thing any of us need is an inhouse fight.  I am trying to make the point we are dealing

with a governmental law agency. If we want to play the game we must play by the rules they make.

Kill this and I will eat my hat if you see it again next year or for a long time to come.   When and IF you

do its not going to be any softer on restrictions than what they are now offering.   There is a lot of good in

this everyone now could shoot quail that is huge and will benefit all most all Texas air gunners.  Beyond the

30 cal ,no restrictions.  The restrictions on a 30 will be dang hard to enforce  do you think they are going to carry

conographs with them in the field ?  What way do they have to determine the bullet you show them is what's loaded 

in your gun.  Don't get caught up in the details step back and look at the whole picture, its not a bad deal and baseless

to push the point they are screwing us over.  Sadly yes money does indeed matter and the money they stand to make

from air gun inclusion is virtually non existent.   Every anti organization out there is well aware of our tiny numbers and

eager to deny us this right,  We need every last single vote we can get including those of you who object to some part of

this just to fight them off.   Each one of us must now decide if we want to try to build a better future for ourselves and

generations to come or rally around those who feel their opinion and feelings is what really matter.    I will comment no

further concerning this than to say God help us all.    Please help if you can    THANK YOU!