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I am in the exact same boat, so I am interested in the responses to your question.  

As an aside, I did do some research on this and you are correct in that it is easy to "over buy and/or under buy" the correct cabinet or safe for your needs.  I think it's important to try and anticipate how many total guns you will have over the next few years because then you can buy a large enough safe for your expansion.  I only have 3 break barrels and one PCP now, but do anticipate getting a few more.  Also, have several pellet and BB pistols. This can be a real expensive "rat hole" too in getting sucked into the bells and whistles and all the accessories manufacturers will try and sell in addition to the gun safe, so I can appreciate your concerns.

FWIW – There is a Liberty Model that I am looking at purchasing that is supposed to hold 24 rifles and scopes for about $700 from the local Liberty dealer.  Then, I need a power extension and humidifier and some adapters; so all in I am estimating about $1,000.  This includes tax, labor to install and delivery charge.  Not cheap but with little grand kids around the house now and more in the future, I want to definitely lock them up tight, and in ONE place.  Right now, I have locks on each of my gun cases and it is a pain as they are stored all over the place.  They are locked up and always unloaded, so that's not the problem.  I just want ONE place for all the guns. 

I would call you local Homeowner's Insurance Agent and check and see about getting a moderate rider ( if even needed ),  which would cover fire or other natural disasters.  I will do same before I buy anything.   

If you need a model number for the Liberty safe (Centurion super flex) let me know and I will post or send me a PM and I can email it to you.  I also have the quote. 

Let me know.