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I use a paintball tank, but it has the 3000 PSI regulator, and came with a fill station.  I also have a Marauder in .22.  If you have a paintball shop nearby that can pump it up to 4500 PSI, you'll get 10 or so fills off an 88 cubic inch tank.  I have the Air Venturi from Pyramyd Air.  About $350, complete setup including tank, regulator and fill station.  

Most dive shops can only do about 3500 PSI, this will work, but reduce the number of fills considerably.  

Sadly, air is the biggest problems with PCPs.  I'm considering one of the Chinese 4500 PSI compressors on eBay for $225, but just don't have the cash to buy it at the moment.  Until I have the cash, I'll just rely on the paintball shop to fill my tank.

Most paintball tanks have about an 800 PSI output, so you can see why they won't work.  The 3000 PSI output regulators are usually GOLD color so the staff's at the shops can tell them apart.  You never want one of those out on the range, as a paintball pushed at 3000 PSI could really hurt someone.  

Highly recommend a tank.  Pumping is great exercise, but I bought the gun to shoot, not pump.  Lets me shoot just that much more.