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There's several ways you could go about this depending on your budget and air fill resources in your area. You could go the route that shutik recommended above. You could also buy a scuba tank and the fill adapters necessary.

There are two common types of scuba tanks. Aluminum tanks which are rated for a max pressure of 3000 PSI and steel scuba tanks which are rated for 3442 PSI. You could get more fills from the steel scuba tank.

Another option is to get an SCBA carbon fiber (CF) tank which is rated to 4500 PSI which is the best option. You'll need to find a place like a dive/scuba shop or paintball shop that can fill to the pressures listed above.

Just ask them what is the highest PSI their compressor can fill up to. You could also check your local Fire Station. They usually have their own high pressure air compressors to fill their SCBA tanks. You would need to purchase an adapter to do this.

Some fire stations might not do this for liability reasons so it's best you know someone on the inside. Or you could go for the gusto and buy your own high pressure air compressor and SCBA or scuba tanks and not have to worry about a fill source.

You could also find a welding supply store who rents out nitrogen tanks and fill your SCBA tank from it. Again, you will need the proper adapters. Check out Joe Brancato at He'll have everything you'll need.

The SCBA tanks and fill adapters are pricey but they're high quality American made components. Keep your hand pump(s) for backup. Just a word of caution, it gets expensive but worth it in the long run and makes shooting more enjoyable instead of worrying about having to pump it.

I have 3 dive shops in my area that are anywhere between a 5 to 10 minute drive. They charge between $3.00 to $5.00 to fill my SCBA tank whether it's from 0-4500 PSI or 3000 to 4500 PSI. I saw no need to purchase a compressor given the current options I have.