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Just the last year or two I have seen informational airgun videos like the fellow in Fla. makes. Good facts presented as in fps w/differing ammo, groups ( again w/different pellets), … … .   Yet still it seems sometimes consumers rigs seem to have little bugs the testers did not, sometimes.


 Video's are for entertainment!  You dont ( should'nt try) learn from video's. If people learned from watching the "tube" ( any tube ul do )  we would be living in THE most intelligent times ever, right?  Some difference between having knowledge or being able to think and just a mimic. 

 If you've the time to spare  ( time, the reason I hate repair videos, just need a still photo and brief description not 40 minutes of "entertainment" ) enjoy the entertainment.

If you want to learn about airguns , read, talk with others, things like that. You might actually be happier with YOUR decision  than what the entertainment channel made you feel good about spending your money on?