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badammo,I am very familiar with them.Took a chance on one and a 350CC Carbon bottle.First impressions were not favourable the I cracked it.1. you will need a lot of air to adjust Reg as its bottom of valve inside bottle.2.all gauges and quick fill have to be tightened after un-packing.3.results are very good when set up properly that's why I now have them on all 4 of my Airforce guns and will never go back to stock valves.heres some .25 with 18" barrel 100g hammer 2mm spring 140bar 862fps 25.4 JSB.My .22 120bar 858fps 18.4 jsb.My .20cal 115bar 998fps 13gn HN Barracuda.My.177 110bar 1022fps 10gn bisley mag.Hope this helps will try post some pics.Do your own thing with your own guns friend,cos most people on these sites are keyboard know alls and don't actually get out there and do it.