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Ah, that Daisy 953 is nice having the 5 round clip and the sidelever IZH is a unique looking gun, why is it all the guns I get interested in are hard to find for sale haha!  the Gamo g-force would certainly appeal to Eli's asthetic interests.

I think I have settled on getting him the Dragonfly. It's been a hard choice to make, there are pros and cons to everything, if I could find that 953 at a reasonable price I would be sorely pressed to buy that one as a single stroke with the option to have a clip (I have an aversion to fumbling with pellets for each shot). Which is a point for the break barrels because combined with a pellet pen, they would be super easy to load, unlike any of the single strokers which you have to hand load the pellet into that channel.

the reasons I have finally settled on the dragonfly are:

1) It does have a magazine, so it's easy to chamber the next round, which bumps it past the single strokes by a shade. 

2) The multi pump allows for greater fps as Eli grows I think this will have a lot of appeal, which gives it a slight nudge over the break barrels

3) Wood and metal materials, so I see it being of more interest as the years go by, over the daisys/crossmans that are made out of plastic, and I do like its aesthetics.

Hard to choose, but at some point you gotta pull the trigger right?   

That all said, everyones input and advise has been much appreciated and I am looking seriously at the WH30S or the Diana 240 to add to the airgun cabinet (I like the lines on the Wather Terrus, but it is longer and heavier than the other two). My daughter is a Lefty like mom, so the break barrel with a pellet pen would be well suited for her. She is 3 years old, so a little while yet before she is a safe shooter, but you know she already wants to!