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Youtube pulled the plug once and they will again, next time for good. Airgun and gun youtubers days are numbered sorry to say, thats the new world order of thing. I do recall some of these guys crying long and loud over there compensation and toys being taken away. Enjoy the entertainment while it last if your into that sort of thing, some of it is funny as heck.

Some of these guys make their living off YouTube. So having their livelihoods taken away from them suddenly is a big deal. It’s not funny at all.

I never said pulling the plug on these folks was funny. I will say anyone that makes a living in that environment should know the risk, I think the smart ones do it's a straw house. I enjoy some of the honest reviews some folks do, that doesnt mean I buy all that's being sold on youtube. Heck I remember when most of these folks started, some good some not. I was here long before the internet so very little of what I see on youtube impresses me much, that said some of the videos are funny as heck.