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Stay away from the Chinese hoses like the ones that come on yong heng compressors. They are plain steel and the ends rust quickly.

Are there any made of stainless steel ?  Depending on the grade of stainless steel, they can be weaker than mild steel.  The hose that came with my Hill hand pump has the metal part made of mild steel as well. 

The fittings can be made from brass, nickel plated steel, or stainless steel. A lot of the paintball stuff is not 300 bar rated. You are absolutely right about stainless. Most stainless isn't as hard as carbon steel. Some grades aren't any harder than brass. All the hoses that come from Aliexpress or eBay are plated steel and will only rust if you damage the surface. None of mine, show any sign of rust. I'm talking about the hose ends, not the quick connect couplings.