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.22 is hilarious. My RedWolf in .22 is much quieter than my FX Impact .25. Plus you get more shots. Think about it, you aren't going to carry this thing around to go hunting on long journeys due to the nature of owning a laminate stock. Its more suited for squirrel destruction in your personal backyard and/or paper punching at 50-100 yards. You can go further of course with the heavies since the .22 Jumbo Beast ballistic coefficient is extremely good. Mine is producing 50 ft. lbs with the .22 so you have plenty of power in the .22 frame.


Also im slinging standard 18.13 gr. JSBs @ 890 FPS!! ON LOW power!!!!

Found out the gun didn't really like the JSB 18.13s and preferred the heavier .22s jsbs.

Edit: I just found out you have a impact in.25. No sense in having two.25 guns.