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Update on the issue: with the Mrod still degassed I pulled the fill fitting off the end of the gun's reservoir and cleaned it thoroughly.  Put the fitting back together and on the rifle.

Next I printed out the complete Sun Optics guide to servicing the HPA pump that Benjamin brands and sells.  This is the hand pump I purchased and then had fail on the third round of airing up my gun.  Pulled the whole pump apart per the directions from Sun Optics – must say that the step-by-step instructions together with the photo illustrations AND list of O-ring sizes for each seal really make the process doable.

Unfortunately, three complete rebuilds later (just to be sure I didn't skip any parts or end up having clogged a valve) and I discover that even a little back-pressure on the pump outlet causes the air to escape the pump through the inlet valve!  I've installed a desiccation kit on the pump and actually watched as the silicon beads were blown back UP the container with each downstroke of the pump.  As a result my pump is all shiny and slick and as useful as a paper weight when it comes to filling up the Mrod.

I'd be really bummed with myself right now if I thought I'd screwed up my pump all on my own… but the pump Failed (with a capital "F") before I ever did the first thing to clean it up, much less tear it down for a complete overhaul.  Calling Sun Optics tomorrow to report an incident for support and determine next steps.  Obviously sending in the pump seems like a no-brainer but that just means more stinkin' time with no air source for Elliot.  Yes, I've named the gun Elliot.  Bonus points if you can figure out the connection.

Still and all, I've had Elliot for over a week now and only have ~120 pellets through it.  I have two magazines filled with H&N Barracuda pellets sitting on my workbench, waiting for further testing and tweaking of the gun.  Just sitting.  Galls me every time I look at 'em.  I must learn to have patience… right now!