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I think at 7.4 gr those sniper lights are to light   If your gun is one of those 1000-1200 fps guns  I'd try something in the 8.4ish – 10.5ish range       RWS Super Point or Super Dome are 8.4-5 and work well in my NP1 gun pretty accurate out to 50 yards but the sweet spot is 20 -35 yards in my gun.  Every gun likes something different..My MRod loves the Crosman Ultra Magnum Domes at 10.5gr and my Crosman 1077 likes the Crosman Domes 7.9's and my Crosman 1377 spits out the Beeman Coated Hollowpoints 7.2gr one right on top of another      If i mix and match those pellets threw those guns they pretty much shoot like garbage   just have to find the one for yours…I think you should buy/order some domed pellets in a few different weights 8.4-10.5gr and give them a go