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I tried the H&N Sniper Mediums from a HW98 that I was working on for a friend and found the Sniper Mediums to be accurate compared to other pellets received with the gun for testing after the work. Notice that the 8.4 grain Air arms Domes were also accurate and any difference between the SM and AA groups could easily be caused by the shooter "swaying on the bucket" .

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Then I tried the H&N Sniper Lights and found they shot "patterns" instead of groups from that HW98, however I have no scans of those groups.

I did find it interesting that inside the Sniper Light pellets there was a cast "L" while the "mediums" had no base markings…………

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As a side note, here is a 50 yard group I shot sitting on a bucket resting the HW98 on cross sticks using boxed 1250 count die lot marked and dated 7.9 grain Crosman Premier lights. The pellets I used were from my stash of CPLs that were head sized for my tight leade HW95 after noticing that this HW98 had a similar fit in the leade………….

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Bottom line, the pellet will make a big difference in the grouping ability of an airgun, just like using the proper "shooting form"