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As promised here is one of the groups I have shot (again haven’t even cleaned the barrel yet…oops…hahaha). This is 7shots @50yards (why 7?… because I used the first seven in the mag to sight in at 50yards) Group measured .57in ctc. (My thumb nail is .6in across for reference) All shots were taken at Max on the hammer spring adjustment knob… roughly 867fps with 44.75 jsb pellets. Wind was 7-10mph from my 9 to my 3 o’clock.

Note: At this point I have roughly 150 shots through the barrel… I will update more as I go… Can’t wait to get out to 100yards :) 

IMPORTANT: All shots so far have been at stock settings as the gun came to me from UA (HS Knob at max and reg at ~150bar… I haven't messed with the reg or the hammer spring adjustment screw… yet :)