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Same thing happened to me, showed in stock ordered then email came out of stock. I got the gun a few weeks later but that left a bad taste in my mouth. Then the real problem started, the barrel was defective. Sending the gun back to them fedex would cost me $314.00, after weeks of emails and phone calls they agreed to have me send the barrel back so they could inspect it. They found the barrel defective and sent me a new one on there dime. I made a post before about this ordeal copy below.

 I sent my barrel back for them to inspect and test, after it was determined to be defective they took a barrel off a gun they tested and sent it to me. This all started on 2-11-18 after 27 emails me taking pics of the barrel and shooting groups at 22 yards for them to see how it shot. This was a long process that worked out in the end to my satisfaction. I fully understand them wanting proof the barrel was defective but it was hard for me to jump through as many hoops as I did.

When I first got the gun the barrel was caked full of black debris, I spent an hour cleaning most but not all came out. Keep in mind this was a new gun I was chomping at the bit to shot, so I shot it and it shot very good. After a few more attempts to get the barrel clean and closer inspection I could see the rifling was very rough and looked pitted. It was so rough when pulling a patch through the barrel I could FEEL it. Now here's where the problem comes in, the dang thing shot lights out with few exceptions. I started to keep it based on how it shot, how many times have people ask that question after you say the barrel looks rough.

The bottom line is I could not live with a barrel that looks like it was unfinished. Walther just did not complete the process after cutting the rifling, Walther missed a few steps. Krale stepped up I have a new tested barrel that shoots as good as it looks, a bit better than the original. Keep in mind for me to ship the gun back FEDEX wanted to charge me $314.00.