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What I am enjoying about the air rifle is that it has brought the fun back into shooting for me"

I couldn't agree more with this statement from the OP, discovered air again about a year ago and havent looked back.

In the UK .177 reigns supreme, but if you have a license then the choice of calibre is yours and high power levels.

I maintain that because .177 projectiles are used in the Olympics that all the other calibres just arent manufactured to the same high standard regardless.

True benchrest shooting with match rifles will soon show up .22 air pellet consistency  VS .177 IMO, here a tin of .22 is a chunk more money than .177, .25 can get horrendously expensive.

Higher power .177 is pretty much a waste of time, but I am seriously considering the HP .22 Redwolf after owning the sub 12FT version, the overall power balance seems better unless you are confronted with hurricane level winds at the range on a regular basis.

Plus as you say a heavy for calibre projectile will usually have a better BC than a normal weight for calibre projectile and at longer ranges this is a definite bonus! you only have to look at your centrefire rigs to see that!