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As these guys have said chamber lube is a big no no…

I've had several Diana's through the years that had damaged piston seals from the factory and another often overlooked problem with them is the rather cheesy breach seal set up on them.

The way the breach is angled and the main reason for barrel droop on a lot of Diana's 

Often they need to be shimmed for a proper seal. I've heard of some using dental floss but I use steel shim material and make my own. The seal should sit at 8 to 10 thousands above the the breach. 


   I have a 2015 model 34 and never had an issue with the breech seal. It is not shimmed and currently sits at .009 above the breech surface. Don't see how the angle of the breech has anything to do with barrel droop. The angle of the breech end of the barrel is the same as the angle of the end of the compression chamber.

Not all are that way and most are good to go. But I have seen  several through the years that didn't match up perfectly and the top of the breach block would hit not allowing it to seal completely. And I've seen a couple that had to deep of a groove for the seal…

Not knocking Diana but every mass produced product will have problems here and there. Glad you have a good one they are a great rifle!

James from Michigan ,