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Grateful for all the replies

Tweeter, I too have watched EDgun videos, including the EDgunwest ones. Did you see Ed give the factory tour while the workers were on coffee break? I would say those machines were made in Germany or Japan but could be Russian or Korean for all I know. They looked very high quality. And yes, the forward cocking lever is much preferred; not a deal breaker if it does not have it though, if the gun otherwise holds promise.

Having read here the good things about the Taipan Veteran, it was clear they are worth a look. But kind of like the Vulcan, a person almost needs to know what they already want before going to a website to order. And if the vendor just doesn't 'connect' with one's personal perspective, it is hard to take a chance with such a considerable amount of money involved. So many videos really do not go into the more practical aspects of a gun. They mainly focus on some target patterns (which may be suspect) and the looks. Like so much internet fare, a person says the item is awesome and that is that. If the Taipan had in-depth demonstration of maintenance and discussion of dealer support that would be great. I don't care how it looks if it is functional (but the FX and EDgun are fetching to these eyes).

Cranky1, Thanks for mentioning Talon Tunes. Still not sure if the Vulcan2 is the 4th generation or not. rlairgunsupply comes up in search but they say they do not have them in stock, and once again, just not seeing the nuts-and-bolts kind of information desired. Interesting to hear about your feel on the FX Streamline. Seems like such a nice rifle with good design. And the Dreamline would be nice maybe, except for the rear cocking lever perhaps, and when it eventually surfaces in users hands..

davidsng, Really appreciate your information. Guessing you have not had it for a long enough time to have to do maintenance. The whole pellet thing is a bit daunting. Want to have heavy lead capability in case of a problem coyote or rabid dog and originally discussed with Brian about getting the R5M long for maximum take-down power. But a compact weapon will more likely be at hand when the time comes, and the above possibilities are rare indeed. Did see a rabid raccoon many years ago but it was too far gone to be an issue as long as everyone stayed clear.

Please, any member who has any perspective on this, chime in. summer is coming to a close in a couple weeks. The Lelya or R5M Standard may get sold out…