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If you buy a PCP, don't forget the support system for air.  I have a Marauder and at 75 yards, 1 inch groups using the JSB 18 grains.  However, you only get 30 shots per fill, so you really need a tank to shoot a lot.  The tanks and fill systems will run around $350, then you've got to have a scuba or paintball shop nearby, so don't forget about support systems.

If you use a Break barrel, they aren't as nice to shoot, but I'm sure some will be accurate out to 80, but I have no experience in that area.

Another option, if you are willing to go single shot is the Benjamin Maximus.  It's an entry level PCP and using the AGNATION on the Crosman site, it's 25% off, and if you order on Friday's it normally free shipping.  The gun is $165 after discount, then a pump is sufficient to fill as it's a 200 PSI fill.  Then you need a scope, rings, etc.  It does show pretty good accuracy to 80, look up the AEAC review on YouTube.

I don't think there is a "Best" gun at that range, as so many do well at 80 yards.  Probably need a .22 for weight and energy at longer distance, but either .177 or .22 would probably work. As for quiet, it has a crack to it, but if you buy the Euro version, it's pretty quiet (but under powered at 12 foot pounds) so only consider the .177 in the Euro version.

Good luck