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Thanks for all the great feedback guys! Truthfully it seems we all are in agreeance and overall i simply hope the industry keeps its head up. Side note: i have no sour taste to those who own 2000$ rifles and appreciate it. My problem is with new shooters getting them and assuming they can hit anything (bc they will most likely injure something) and the people who think that the highest level is the only level. Matt Dubber is my favorite airgunner period, and he has never used budget anything even in his earliest vids BUT he is honest, humble, and truly one of the smartest in the industry. Same with Ted, he flat out says he perfers expensive and thats fine! He knows what hes doing and then some. I know all industrys have this sort of stuff but airgunning has remained solid for years i hope it continues to grow and i hope everyone can achieve whatever level they desire to !