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Do search online for pictures ( videos these days ) maybe Gamo's online info. Read it all, trigger adjustment  – and when it "adjusts"/loosens itself- if not correct  will harm Nouns.

 Your rear screw should be the sear engagement. IF this screw were turned in TOO far it would not cock, and/or would be dangerous as it could let loose and fire anytime.

It will bottom out on something, you cant turn it in so far it falls out ( anti-clockwise would do remove it).

 Some people replace the rear screw with a longer one giving additional adjustment, less sear  engagement.      Some say under 1lb pull and crisp. I personally haven't tried this on this model, just the Internet talking here.  ( have done similar trigger tricks)

 Always when adjusting your trigger, when "done" cock it ( and as it's a loaded springer in your case maybe out doors is nice. Gotta save those Nouns eh?) and SLAP/smash the butt into the floor – safely-. If that's safe beat it about the head and neck area. Sometime different angles ( of shaking or dropping) will make the sear slip. If so re-adjust.

 Not much to it if your are safe and realize your do not have a match trigger.