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I had not seen a Stoeger F40 before. I see it's new to the US. Its pop up breech is like the Weihrauch HW57. 

Being a springer, it should improve with age. This week I got a new European underlever in 22 caliber who/s name I will not mention.

The following 5 shot groups were measured without allowing the gun to break in and were shot from bench with palm under stock just in front of balance point and in this order at 25 yards.

JSB 14.3gr                          1.200 inch

CPHP 14.3gr                       0.660"              Crosman Premier Hollow Point 

CPUM 14.3gr                        1.050"            Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum

JSB 15.89gr                           1.120"

RWS Superdome 14.5gr       1.130"

H&N FTT 14.66gr/5.54head    1.560"

H&N FTT 14.66gr/5.53head        0.980"  

CPHP 14.3gr (again)                   0.330"   then again  0.640"

Note that even the head size on the H&N's can make a big difference.

If I understand correctly the Stoeger is very light and I did not read the specs on its power but I suspect it could be quite hold sensitive so you need to try different holds to see what she likes.