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 Thanks you guys. I understand what you're both saying. Crusher I didn't touch the reg. pressure, just the HS.  I'm still trying to digest the erratic numbers with the 33.95gr. while the 25.4gr. pellets were doing exactly what I wanted them to. If I wouldn't have shot a string with the 33.95gr. I'd be jumping for joy right now because the 25.4gr are shooting at 948fps with super accuracy. The problem is that I want the gun tuned for the 33.95gr. because they're what I'll probably be shooting about 85% of the time. I was really hoping to have a sweet spot where both pellets would shoot great and then just have dope for both of them so I could switch back and forth whenever I wanted. That's how it was shooting before I adjusted the HS because I was looking for a little more velocity with the 33.95gr. pellets.  It's just got me baffled that the numbers for the 33.95gr. are so terrible right now and the 25.4gr so great.  I already backed off the hammer spring to just a tad tighter than it was before I started, unfortunately, I ran out of light to get any chrono readings tonight. I'm going to mess with it for as long as it takes tomorrow, quarter to half a turn at a time if necessary until I get it dialed back in. Worst case scenario, I can just put all the settings back to where they were before I started. With those settings I was getting 940fps with the 25.4gr and 835 with the 33.95gr, both were shooting very tight groups. I started messing with the hammer spring to get the velocity up with the 33.95gr. and hopefully increase accuracy even more. Thank you for your help, I'll let you know how it turns out after I get it all adjusted tomorrow. One last question Crusher and Centercut…It's going to be a pain in the ass removing the stock and putting in back on after every adjustment. Is there any problem doing the velocity testing with the stock off? Can I shoot disassembled or do I need to put the safety? HS adjustment knob? or whole stock back on to test? If I can test while mostly disassembled it will cut the tuning time by 90% Thanks again you guys! Stoti