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I have two Impacts, first one is a version 1, was poorly finished, edges were dull, pic rail was horrible, reg leaked at the adjuster screw, reg creeped, cocking handle was wobbly, cocking block has a pin that cycles the hammer, it bent through repeated cocking, trigger was hopeless,  telescopic shroud was wobbly when extended and to top it off the .22 smooth twist barrel wouldn’t group at 20 meters…

I adjusted the gun so much that I actually became a bit of a pro, even had to prove to the dealer that I didn’t stuff anything up by adjusting the reg, version one reg adjuster had a very sharp edge that would gouge the piston if adjusted a lot…

Long story short, I still have this gun, it now has a good .177 st barrel, it’s amazing. Shoots 10 grain JSB at 915 FPS out to 100 like a lazer with a crazy shot count of 190 shots per fill.

Second Impact is two weeks old, it’s a thing of beauty, someone at FX is doing something right now, the gun is finished like a 2000 dollar  gun now, everything lines up and is rock solid, feels like a tank.


There are numerous updates internally and externally, all the issues I had have been addressed, save one, that I can live with, the reg still creeps about 7 bar overnight. 

My gun came in .22, think that the dealer had been testing a non choked liner and forgot to remove it so shooting 18 grain jsb was not good, called him up and we changed the liner in 5 minuets and the gun now shoots lights out.


The moral of the story is that the gun can be whatever you want it to be, I had every problem known to impact and should have gotten rid of it but I recognised the modularity of the platform affords drop in fixes or replacement of parts and for me this was more valuable than the problems.

My takeaway from my Impact experience has been that a bad barrel can affect any gun, but too often bad barrels relegate the entire platform, as a platform the Impact is simply unrivalled.