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I really like the Impact Max. It is very similar to the Umarex Forge (which I also have) – both have the silencair moderator and they share the same trigger group, but the impact max does not have the nucleus rail system. The one complaint I had was the 6.5# trigger pull it had out of the box. But I replaced the spring on the middle sear with a lighter weight one and now I have a repeatable 1lb 10oz trigger – it's actually pretty fantastic now. Bumped it around a lot to make sure it was safe at that light pull weight and had no issues.

Mine likes H&N Terminators, Beeman Devastators and Predator Polymags – so the sweet spot seems to be 16 grains. It shoots the CPHP and CPUM ok, but really gets accurate with the 16 grain pellets. Deadly accurate – I took a chipper this morning at 29.5 yards with a shot to the head with it using a Terminator. I'll post it in the hunting gate.

I encourage you to replace that sear spring with a lighter weight one – it cost $0.40 online for the spring