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Let's just talk about the Wildcat for a second to use as an example of tuning.

If you set the reg to 130 bar and then start to screw the hammer spring in to increase the tension and shoot over the chrono, you will notice the FPS goes up. But only until you reach a certain point. Then it starts to go DOWN. That means you PAST the point of tune for that reg/HS tension. So you should back out the spring a little until the fps goes back up. And that will be the best tune for that particular reg/HS combination. If that isn't fast enough, say you want 900, you can't go higher with the spring because it will go DOWN. So you back off the HS about a full turn and go up with the reg pressure maybe 5 bar. Then shoot over the chrono and ease in on the HS until it goes up and stops, then starts to go down again. . That will be the new top end of the new reg/hs settings. As Tominco puts it "you kind of sneak up on the tune you want". 


I believe that is what you did to get those numbers to fall. The HS tension and the reg pressure work in harmony. If you go up on the reg pressure, you may not see an increase in fps. But if you go up a little on the reg and up a little on the HST, the FPS will increase and the system will stay tuned in "harmony".  


Hope that helps a little