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Spring powered Airguns can be fickle things. You can buy two guns of the same make and model at the same time, and they can shoot completely differently. The same applies to tuning kits. For example I have two late model HW50s rifles. One shoots best with a Vortek kit fitted. The other hates the Vortek kit and shoots best using the standard spring etc, but with one bearing (some call them power rings) placed at either end of the spring.

I you were to chat to some experts they will say the chamber lube is a definite no no. But other people my tell you to give it a go.

In my opinion the only way to solve your problem is to try and experiment with different set ups e.g springs etc, if you are able. 

Temperature does affect springers, but often it is the cold that thickens the spring lube that is the issue.

Probably not much help, sorry, but that’s the way it is with many springers I’m afraid.