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I’m new to airguns, but I’ve been shooting high power rifle for 28 years and for what it’s worth I really like the Ruger Impact Max. I got it at Walmart to deal with a large squirrel problem and have continued target shooting with it at home. At 50 yards I get consistent .5” ten round groups with H&N Sniper Magnum 17.90 gr pellets. It also does ok with the Crosman Premier 14.2 gr pellets, but only when they actually seat and don’t fall out when closing the barrel and there’s always at least one flyer that just does its own thing. It does not like the Gamo Rocket 14.5 gr or the Gamo Platinum PBA 9.7 gr pellets. 

I have not setup the chronograph, but I’ve seen a lot of bullets in flight and the advertised velocity is high. There’s no way it’s pushing 1050 FPS. But it is quiet and accurate enough for it to be fun. 

I replaced the included scope the first day. I had a Leupold VXR 4-12×50 without a home, so I used that. The biggest improvement I made was to oil the trigger group. It was bone dry and felt like striking a match. A few drops of oil made a huge improvement. It’s advertised as having a two stage trigger, but it’s really a single stage with a very long pull, the first portion being simply the resistance of the spring, not moving the sear. The only other thing I did was to slightly enlarge the stock mounting through holes so the action was fully seated to the rear of the inlet. There’s a weird plastic cover over the rear of the gas spring tube and it was floppy and buzzed when the gun fired. The cap appears to be entirely aesthetic, but it drove me nuts. 

After tax the rifle cost less than $200 and after well over 2000 rounds I’d have to say it was a great deal and I’d buy another.