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 BULLFROG   With all due respect sir, i  for one am unwilling to wait for a deal that pleases you.  

If you would have read my posts, you would have saw that I've indicated that I'm not going to say anything to the Commission that might jeopardize this if Texas air gunners are pleased with it. It is my business to the extent that someone tried to make this blow back on Florida, but that attempt at sabotage has been thwarted. 

Beyond that, I'm simply mad because what's happening to Texas air gunners is unjust. Let's recap how we got here. The original rule was sound and had already passed. An elite rancher with personal ties to a Commissioner who apparently didn't like the new rule stepped in with his hog wrangler and they told a story about how .45 airguns of various makes and models shot at close range on perfect double lung hits with hollowpoint bullets (the wrangler's words as he testified to in the hearing that repealed the rule) do not kill small-medium hogs cleanly. That was very likely a false or embellished account. Yet that account caused the Commission to repeal the rule, a rule that had nothing to do with hog hunting. 

Next, the new rule proposed cuts out many qualified airguns, including the .308 Texan, a model that the head of the Texas wildlife agency's deer division used to cleanly kill 2 Texas whitetails with at over 120 yards. One of the deer dropped where he stood on a chest hit. The other ran just a few yards before dying at the edge of the plot. I don't know if he was using a modded Texan or not (again, anyone with knowledge please step in), but the implication was that the .308 Texan was up to the task. Yet the explanation for the new rule states: "the .30-caliber minimum bullet size, 150-grain minimum bullet weight fired at a minimum muzzle velocity of 800 feet per second (or any combination of bullet weight and muzzle velocity producing a minimum muzzle energy of 215 foot-pounds) are the minimum specifications necessary to achieve lethality in most circumstances, and probably in all circumstances in which the distance to the target and placement of the shot are optimal." Which all of us with hunting experience know to be a false statement, as many big bore airguns with much less power and smaller projectiles kill whitetails very clean. If you don't like .30 pellet shooters, fine. But this rule eliminates nearly all .308s and .357s. Even some .45s won't make the list. 

Finally, the Commission has the nerve, in the same breath where they state that only airguns that meet their specifications are the "minimal" to achieve lethality, to go on to state that bow hunters don't need any such hand holding and therefore all restrictions on manner of broadhead and draw weight are abolished. 

Ya'll are getting worked over. Which, if that's the way things are done in Texas and you are pleased with it, so be it. I'm quite content here in Florida where I just walked in to my homestead from an evening deer depredation hunt with my .30 Flex carbine shooting 45 grain pellets. I just get fighting mad for my airgun brothers who aren't being done right. 


Experts in many different fields toiled

 cussed and discussed to formulate this. 


That can't be true. Experts in airgun hunting wouldn't have formulated a rule that reads this way or offered the false explanation that 213-215fpe is the minimum needed for a clean kill on a whitetail with a big bore airgun. 

Edited to add:  I guess you did say experts in "many different fields." Its just obvious that airgun hunting wasn't one of them. 

I guess I just don't let the Boss Hogs of the world run over me like that rancher did who road roughshod over Texas air gunners for his own agenda. But life is often a compromise. Ya'll in Texas will have to chose where you all make yours.