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Be thankful there is so much info out there to discern  from. Use your common sense to pick out the B.S. from what is authentic and supported with facts and videos.

These airgun “celebs” who set at the pinnacle of industry insight and field testing got to where they are buy busting their ass for the love of the sport. The manufacturers whose wares they speak of have taken notice, obviously and are very thankful AND supportive of the testing and public reviews of their products. That’s just smart business.

We all know who these people are as well as the wanna be’s. The people who’s videos we all wait to watch and critique and forum about have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars in video and production equipment and software. Also be thankful for the guys who have started this forum and add their wisdom and insight everyday for free because of the love of the sport. This is just my opinion of course.

If you’re looking for an unbiased view just ask Google and see how much unsubstantiated, advertisers bullshit you get.

Again, be thankful we have what we have. Use  common sense when deciding where to spend your money.