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I’m sure the original poster has enough information and all the previous airguns mentioned seem great especially for the price but want to throw one more into the mix.  Its nice we have so many options.

  The RWS LP8 

   I have owned the older version, the magnum P5 or G5 whatever it is, for 3 years now and it has been a great tool for my pesting problems. I’m over pumping multiple times and slowly getting over springers and moving to just pcp but I will buy the LP8 when mine ceases to work anymore due to the coveinent size and problem solving results it has executed, plus like it doesn’t look exactly like a real gun.  16 voles and 3 gophers plus others this  year shows that it is a valuable tool for me to keep around.  I do need to set traps out more often but when the opportunity arises this pistol rarely disappoints 

Notes about the pistol:

accurate with the light adjustable trigger.  (my range is short  5-10yards with open sights and less than 5 I use a red dot sight just below the barrel via a clam picitinney rail adaptor. Bought both from pyramyd air)

recoil not too bad  or loudbut hard on all types of scopes.  Trigger and a follow through after trigger is pulled helps keep this pistol very accurate.  (reminds me of a t50 stapler where there is a long weightless draw of no resistance, like the trigger then breaks soft (pistol) and bites back and vibrates some but nothing to big and just like proceding to put in more stapes I am already reloading the pistol)

one cock/pump reloading (with free hand on top and grip hand not moving I’m back on target after clicking of the automatic saftey. This is for me where the spring pistion pulls away from the multipump class of airguns and your back on target sooner and less likely fo spook the pest,ie less movement, sound and quicker should an opportunity present itself.)

I use JSB 8.4gr pellets and just shot two at 535,538fps

I realize that this is more than $100 but you were asking about spring piston pistols and nobody mentioned this one so figure I would jump in.