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Mrod.25       Good points that apply to most airgunners. Start out small until you find out if your "feel" for the hobby is real.   Don't worry the hobby will gradually suck you in way over your head anyway :)

To the post above:   learn about the entire product line-up before you take the plunge on the most expensive one.  Knowing about airgunning first will let you avoid the mistakes and unnecessary dollars spent…the same mistakes made and dollars spent by most of us.  

If you want to become a race car driver you don't just go out and buy a million dollar car with a support crew. But at the same time, a Walmart special will not get you far either if you want to accurately reach out at longer distance.   One must admit that within a certain range of prices you get what you are paying for.  The good thing is that range is fairly wide.   IMHO between $500-$1500 you get a performer that pleases most airgunners.  Let me clarify: on the lower end of that scale you may need some tuning and modifications, and on the higher end of the scale you may have to buy a used airgun. 

What many do not seem to realize with PCPs is that the gun itself is just a portion of the expenses you will most likely end up spending.  You will need a hand-pump and eventually need a tank and an HPA air compressor setup. The cost of these may be close to (and in some cases exceeds) the cost of the PCP itself. That's like getting married to a beautiful bride but you end of with her three children and her parents living with you too! 

For a long time I was content with an R1 and and RWS-54 ($200–500 back in the days).  Then I started with PCPs and few years later….now have a much larger family (of airguns). But based on the time and opportunity I have for airgunning I am content with what I have now.  I am not (yet) at the level nor am I interested being at the level of a Thompson or a MAC1 USFT, but sure I would love to have one.  Yes, I can afford one, but what's the point of having a Formula 1 race car if I do not have the time or interest to use it on a racetrack, or do not have a racetrack nearby, or a race to enter?  

Again, for those who are new to the hobby and not sure yet what they know and don't know about airgunning (like the OP said)…you should not try to "spend" yourselves up to your necks in airgunning until you are able to make an informed decision. 

Just my two cents…