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With all do respect, the regulator pressure reading is bar not psi, had to correct you…  Anyways, yes your  regulator’s pressure setting is probably fighting against the strength of your hammer springs tension setting. (It can’t buck the high force exerted by the 140 bar pressure) I also have a .25 FX Crown.  Adjusting your hammer spring internal tension screw adjuster is best done over a chronograph.  To truly max it out you don’t just screw it in until it stops.  If you do that your Crown will be out of harmony as Ted put it.  I speak from experience.   ✔️What you must do is adjust the HST screw a half turn at a time (clockwise) and take about 3 to 4 shots over your chronograph and note the velocity.  Repeat this until you reach you desired fps.  If you notice that the pellet speed / velocity / fps starts to discontinue to increase or actually decreases, back off (counterclockwise) until your velocity reaches its highest fps.  Leave it there, thats your true max setting.  Its tedious and annoying but thats what it takes to max out your  FX Crown.  Put your gun back in the stock and then just use the external HST knob to tune for pellet speed.  You may find that “4” works for JSB 25.39’s. and “5” is good for JSB 33.95’s.  140 bar is my Crown’s regulator tune and it is perfect for me!