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Hello cru5hgruv3!

 What you are describing is your bottle is not screwed all the way in. take off the forearm shroud and try turning the bottle another 45°.  Because it is under pressure it will be very difficult and if it does not cooperate, I recommend that you degas the rifle and then tighten the bottle.  When you are done you may find that the pressure gauge no longer aligns with the cut outs in the forearm cover. 

You will need to loosen your bonnet on the regulator and rotate the lower half. You will loosen the 2 grub screws on the pressure regulator collar and bonnet and twist to get the gauge to align with the slot in the forearm.
Put all the screws back in your forearm cover and regas the rifle.
I show you which two screws to loosen in this video at this minute marker.


Good luck!