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I think I might have caught something within your reply to my post. You stated you used "sovereign 16 pellet".  My Spidey senses tingled and I believe you are shooting Daystate Sovereign 16 gn.  They may seem similar but have slightly different specs based on manufacturer's requirements.

If you don't have a tin of pellets that says "JSB Exact or JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy", this may be part of the problem.  Remember, all FX ST and STX barrels are specifically designed around/for original JSB Exact pellets.  I have a feeling your rifle will love them.

I Still have a hundred left in a tin. They are JSB exact heavy which my bobcat shoot them very well I picked them as sample. I have found new JSBs are not like before, they have good and bad tens now. Unlike them this Sovereign are like old one, nice and clean but they don't like high speed. So I will increase power and shoot JSBs about 275m/s, hope they make me smile.