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I bought a Impact in December 2017 standard smooth twist barrel .25 cal. shot the 25gr pellets very well @900fps. The mag (16)round loaded the 25grs perfect but the 34grs wouldnt load in the mag correctly (to tight). I got Ernest at FX to modify it for me and now it loads fine. I adjusted the gun Reg,HS,and VS to shot the heavys @850fps and she shoots pellet on pellet out to 60yrds (as far as i have shot) with a average group of around 1/2 inch ctc.I found the reg creeps if you let it sit over night and takes a couple shots to get on target(shoots the first 2 to 4 shots low)This is my best group to date 5shots at 58yrds off bipod and rear bag. Ill be honest I love my impact!