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Michael brings up a great point. Most problems are usually caused by operator errors. But they will never admit it.

I have two Impact X's. One in .22 cal and the other in .25 cal. Both have been reliable and rock solid. Out of the box, both are laser accurate for the pellet they were tuned for. Prior to use, I went over every inch of the rifle looking for any manufacturing defects. I also ensured that every external bolt I had access to was properly snug. Both rifles are tight and have the solid feeling like an "exotic sports car".

If you want an Impact X, go out and buy one. Shop around for a vendor that conducts QC on the rifle prior to shipping to the customer. I know of one vendor that has a technician who physically inspects each rifle, performs a 24 hour leak test, and test fires the rifle to ensure it is functioning correctly. They even provide a picture of the shot group and chronograph numbers to boot. You just can't go wrong.

Happy Shooting