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Those HN sniper lights were terrible in my gun also.  I got a coup!e of the hn sampler packs and those were the second worst.  But the HN field trophy green were hole in hole (of course they were they are one of the most expensive pellets hn makes lol).  You got to try a lot of pellets in order to find the sweet one.  If one doesnt work dont fret and move on.  You can spend a lot of time and money trying to make a certain pellet work just because you think it should (i have done this) and at the end of the day you wont have anything to show for it.  Keep good records on what does and doesnt work.  Eventually you will see a pattern (a certain weight or headsize or style  will start to ckick) and will be able to predict how your gun will shoot with certain pellets (mine likes domed or hollow points in and around 10.3 grains but hates pointed pellets and the heavier the pellets the worse it gets).  It is a never ending quest for the perfect pellet.