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This is so funny as I watched a very popular youtuber this morning.  I wont go into great detail but at the end of his 20min. Lecture he basically said the only way to do the sport right is to overspend on 1 gun and be done with it.  He more or less stated that you need to spend 1500 plus to do it right.  I got such a bad taste in my mouth (and I have watched some of his other stuff and always came away with bad feeling like he was sponsored but denies it time and time again)i was going to go into the comments and rant.  But I didnt.  Wouldn't do anything but show the guy someone else watched.  It made me think long and hard about this sport and the money I spend.  I dont have the means for a 1500 gun, probably never will.  Im glad the manufacturers can put a quality product in our hands for a very reasonable price.  I have no problem with guys showing off thefe big ticket guns, as long  they are honest and down to earth.  Its a blast to watch a guy like Ted pop a pigeon at 75 yards with a $2000 gun.  But I also have watched Ted take a $60 crosman 2100 and shoot the living day lights out of it.  I guess thats why I only subscribe to a select few airgun channels.  Guys that are honest (i dont care if you are sponsered or got the gun for free just be honest about it).  Guys who will show you the misses as well as the hits.  Guys who arnt afraid to say "yea i spent a fortune on this but it isnt the only way".  At the end of the day its the person at the end of the trigger that makes or breaks it.  Nobody walked into a competition, plunked down a couple grand and walked out with the trophy.  They sat behind the trigger and pulled the damn thing at the right time.