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I am not sure you could call a 215fpe fair. It makes me wonder who had a hand in placing the poundage just out of reach of the Benjamin Bulldog. 

I too noted that the 213ish-215fpe number they came up with is bizarre. At first I thought it was an arbitrary number, but 200fpe would have been arbitrary. The oddly specific power range between 213-215fpe suggests to me they figured out what power ranges most .30s, .308s, and .357s operate in and purposely set the bar just above them. After listening to that Commission meeting and seeing what the rule has developed into, I must say I'm not impressed with the Texas wildlife Commissioners. In that last meeting there was a line of very well spoken air gunners and even a hunting celebrity or two who all made good cases for leaving the rule as it was, then at the end Boss Hogg and Rosco got up there and muddled their way thru what was likely an untruthful account of the hog hunt in question, and that's all the Commissioners latched on to (I've heard that internally TPW was very aware that the hog trapper in question had given very widely contradictory accounts of the air gun hunt in question). 

Although I don't directly have a dog in this fight, my legislative contacts told me there was an attempt to make this blow back onto Florida to get our FWC to reconsider our rules based on this Texas situation, but that was thankfully shot down. So that all the more makes me mad about this situation. 

My contacts also told me that specifically as it relates to Crosman, Crosman has not really made an effort to influence the outcome of the Texas rules like they did in Florida. In Florida, Crosman's lobbyist was critical in getting our Commission to accept a .30 rule. I wonder if things would have been different had the industry made a strong behind the scenes showing in Texas in favor of the original rule. 

The problem now Thurmound in getting turnout for this rule is that its probably cut out a lot of airgunners who were previously excited about the rule and now feel like they've been crapped on and won't be able to airgun hunt game in Texas unless they get a new gun. I want to give the Commissioners a piece of my mind and I don't even live there or have to directly deal with the rule. I couldn't imagine how I'd feel if I lived there.